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DEX Australia have manufactured a large range of steel trolleys to suit our plastic tank range.

Available for both round and rectangular models they are manufactured in a Zincalume finish to minimise corrosion. Designs in both cases are recessed and provide importantly a FULL BASE support eliminating early structure faults in the plastic tanks due to unsupported areas.

Trucks and Trolleys

The R and VIP series bins in the more popular trolley design of  R160, R340/610, R455, VIP-1, VIP-2, VIP-3, VIP-4 all have encapsulated brass inserts in the plastic which enable the trolleys to be bolted onto the tank itself.

This design reduces cleaning, lengthens the bin life and reduces the possibility of worker injury from the trolley due to being recessed.

  • Liquid loads in rectangular tanks will require side support in the trolley design.
  • Choice of castors sizes.

Trucks and Trolleys

Castor Configurations:

Please specify which castor configuration is required, when ordering. Select model, then style of trolley and finally castor configuration.

Castor Configurations


Trucks and Trolleys
Volume (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Model Style
300 1040 670 813 VIP-3/TR B
340 990 695 820 L340 C
345 1030 820 780 L345 C
455 1300 710 820 L455 C
630 1280 800 960 L630 C
  645 400 90 NALLTR  
45 445   575 CS45TR D
90 505   820 CS90TR D
100 680   525 CS100TR D
150 585   950 CS150TR D
220 665   970 CS220TR D
500 955   1010 CS500TR D

Trucks and Trollleys - Styles

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