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DEX Polycon Products PALLET BINS

When you are looking for positively solid, dependable pallet bin designs then turn to the Dex Polycon® pallet bins. Manufactured by the Rotational moulding process from UV stabilised food grade Polyethylene, these bins are built to last.

  • Capacities from 500 litres to 1000 litres they are nestable when empty and with the use of a stacking lid can be stacked two high.
  • Options include rotatable recessed pads enabling the bin to be rotated with a rotating fork mast on a forklift to make handling just a ride in the park.
  • Two way entry with both single skin dust cover lids and double skin stacking lids available to most models.

The 500 and 750 litre versions are interchangeable with older pallet bin version in the market. Colours can be elected from our standard colour range.

Rotating version available on most models
Pallet Bins
Megabin (not depicted) - available with solid sides and base which has a height of 780mm - Capacity 755 litres or ventilated design as detailed below.

Pallet Tanks
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (L)
VIP-32 1150 1150 745 500
PT720 1150 1150 800 720
VIP-54 1150 1150 1000 750
PT1000 1150 1150 1170 1000
MEGABIN 1162 1162 730 715

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