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DEX Polycon Products MARINA FLOATS

Rotational moulded into a one piece moulding, the MF1 design features reinforced moulded holes in all four top corners, used for mounting to the deck. This reinforced design is of a hollow nature, but can be optioned with foam filling.

MF2 and MF3 designs feature an internal structure of a single solid block of HD Styrene foam. These designs provide the safest pontoon floats available.

UV stabilized, low stress mouldings, heavy duty wall sections provide these commercial marina floats with a long life expectation. Mechanically damaged floats can be hot air welded quickly and cheaply.

New......Small series floats

Building on our commercial series success, we have released a new range of small floats manufactured under the same guidelines and technique in which we mould the larger commercial floats. The new V series are more for smaller load requirements such as pump equipment pontoons, small river domestic pontoons and also leisure pontoons. These can be styrene foam filled or supplied hollow.

Marina Float - MF1

Marina Float Drawing

Marina Floats
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight Capacity (Kg) half submerged
MF1 1800 1040 840 650
MF2 2000 1050 900 950
MF3 2000 1050 1100 1150
MFV1 765 435 580 75
MFV2 785 600 600 100
MFV3 1040 670 650 150
MFV4 1420 700 610 225

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