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A very large range of conical based powder IBC’s are manufactured by DEX Polycon® from 90 litres to 2500 litres in capacities. The DEX range of liquid hopper bins are primarily designed for handling of viscous liquids.

They all feature a 45 degree included cone with a choice of discharge sizes.  These can be from 15 mm to a maximum of 200 mm. Filling is through the top in mainly 400 mm plug style lids.

The HB660 – 660 litre to HB2500 – 2500 litre capacity versions feature hot dipped galvanised frames suitable for Specific Gravity of 1.5.

The two versions HB660 and HB830 are slightly under Australian pallet standard length and width, but the HB1000 to HB2500 models are exactly pallet standards to maximise loads on truck.

The bottle is a one piece rotationally moulded bottle of MDPE being food grade and chemically resistant to a very wide range of chemicals. The HB units have found numerous applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries in particular where products being carried are viscous or have difficulties with flow rates.

Frame alterations are common with reductions in height, inclusion of box tyne sections for fork entry and even increasing heights to allow fitment of equipment within the base of the frame.

Numerous size and types of discharge valves have been seen over the last thirty years with these tanks.

Viscous Liquid IBC - Liquid Hopper Bin

Liquid Product Hopper Bins
Volume (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Model
170 550 550 961 HB170
660 1070 1070 1400 HB660
830 1070 1070 1660 HB830
1000 1165 1165 1785 HB1000
1500 1165 1165 2200 HB1500
1800 1165 1165 2368 HB1800
2000 1165 1165 2605 HB2000
2300 1165 1165 2800 HB2300
2500 1165 1165 3040 HB2500


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