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Heavy Duty sections and full support frame make this the choice for Companies requiring an IBC which is built to provide long service with an absolute minimum of maintenance.

Rotationally moulded one piece tank with a lowered sump to provide excellent drainage through a 50 mm recessed pvc ball valve. Filling is via a centrally located top 150 mm filling neck. A large buttruss thread is utilised on the tank neck to provide ease of cleaning with a 10 mm thick female cap. A 50 mm drum cap is built into the cap itself.

Hazardous Goods IBC - DEX PolyBox

The Dex Polybox® has a United Nations approval (Number 2976) for the carriage of Dangerous Goods. The tank of course can be used for products other than Dangerous Goods but it is comforting to know that it has passed relevant and vigorous testing to obtain this approval.

DEX PolyBoxThe base fully supports the moulded tank and will self drain towards the valve on level surfaces. The frame has been designed to have four way fork entry and can be stacked up to four high fully loaded. Hot dipped galvanised frame is standard. The valve is both recessed and also has a steel bracket to ensure that stressing of the fitting during discharge is minimised.

The unit has an approval for specific gravities up to 1.8.

The bottle can be colour coded to any of our standard colours available.


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