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The DEX Polycon® range of food approved Polyethylene bins are ideal for the fast and furious pace of a commercial kitchen.

Primarily designed to provide for storage of various ingredients in areas of under bench, cool rooms with the view of minimising space used.

Mostly trolley mounted, the bins can purchased a range of capacities like the Multi Bin range, accommodating 3 x 24 litre bins with clear lids – CMB24, or perhaps a larger CMB42 holding 3 x 42 litre bins with clear lids.

Hospitality Products - Multibins and Trolleys
Multibins - Clear lids, dust cover design. Multibin trolley - Zinc plated, 4 swivel castors

Larger capacities can be optioned say 2 x 65 litre bins and lids – CMB65 and even larger with the CMB96/42 accommodating 1 x 42 litre bin and 1 x 96 litre bin with clear lids.

Masterbin - CMB100 Mobile Ingredient Bins - features removable moulded hinged lid, with detachable galvanised trolley. Internal surfaces feature large radii corners for ease of cleaning and a large rolled top for strength. Designed for long life in an industrial quality.

The VIP-7 model and the VIP-8 model are the latest additions to this range. The drop front design provides for ease of access, sized to Australian Bench Standards and built to last. The lid is made of the same food grade material as the bin and uses a stainless steel piano hinge to provide the many years of operation. The trolley is a recessed galvanised steel design with 65 mm castors.

Heavy duty bowl - VIP-9 Heavy duty removable bowl - manufactured to bench height - ideal for mincing of meat or mixing of salads without taking up bench space!

The VIP-9 bowl is used as a mobile kitchen workstation. Eliminating bench top use, the bowl can be positioned under mincers or food processors, so as to then be used as a mixing and holding bowl at waist height. Eliminating bending and using precious bench space.

Hospitality Products
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (L)
VIP-7 INGREDIENT BIN 610 360 710 65
VIP-8 INGREDIENT BIN 610 500 710 100
MB24 400 245 340 24
MB42 400 245 580 42
MB65 400 370 580 65
MB96 505 400 580 96
MB140 760 400 580 140
CMB24 795 400 680 72
CMB42 795 400 680 126
CMB65 795 400 680 130
CMB96/42 795 400 680 138
CMB140 795 400 680 140
VIP-9 DIAM - 660   257 45

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