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Custom Moulding is a service that Dex Australia has provided for many decades. The aspect of making dreams become reality is what our engineers thrive on and we can advise as to various design or material criteria.

The rotational moulding process is a moulding process ideally suited to hollow shapes with very little limitation as to size. The name of the process often conjures up thoughts of only being able to mould circular or ball shaped products which could be no further from the truth!

Rectangular, square, long or short, thick or thin products are capable of being moulded. Irregular shapes or those where metallic threads are required are possible. Parallel sides in a moulding do not present a problem to the Dex production personnel.

Plastic materials which can be used include polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PVC and many more. Polyethylene is most commonly used due to durability, surface finish along with cost effectiveness. This material is also available in a variety of densities or "stiffness", colours, and chemical resistance which can provide the flexibility or perhaps the lack of flexibility to suit the desired purpose.

Tooling is more attractive than most forms of plastic moulding due to the lack of pressure involved. Many design engineers first prove their ideas in the market before commiting to expensive tooling with the use of rotational moulding. Most tools are either fabricated steel or aluminum castings where numerous tools are required, due to the speed of supply or sheer quantity of mouldings required.

Either way we can assist with your requirements, please feel free to call and discuss your dream and see if we can make it come true.


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