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Small Capacity Straight Sides

Small Capacity Tanks - Straight Sides

Parallel sided drums with tight fitting lids. Over drum lids (shoe box design) prevent water and dirt ingress into the drum.
Small Capacity Tapered Designs

Small Capacity Tanks - Tapered Designs

Tapered small drum series with over drum lids (shoe box design) to prevent water and dirt ingress into the drum.
Screw Top Designs (Domed Series)

Domed Series (Screw Top)

The Domed Series features one piece mouldings with a 150mm diameter heavy duty screw lid.

Intermediate Capacity Tanks

Intermediate Capacity Tanks

Intermediate Capacity Tanks are available in several different designs to best suit your application - from 500 to 3600 litres.
Large Capacity Chemical Designs

Large Capacity Chemical Designs

Tank Series from 4500 to 10000 litres in capacity.
Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tank Series from 400 to 3600 litres. Supplied with leaf strainer, overflow pipe and brass drain connection.
Tank Accessories

Tank Accessories

Options, accessories, and/or alternatives for your tanks.

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