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Dex Australia, manufacturers of Dex Polycon® products, are a successful rotational moulding company who has retained skills from our “roots” in fabrication for almost fifty years.

This provides to industry a one stop shop for your tank and drum requirements. We have created a range of materials handling products by the rotational moulding technique. This process provides small, medium and large mouldings which have very high impact ratings due to a low stressed moulding. We carry out a large amount of custom moulding work and, given that no pressure is involved, tooling is substantially cheaper than comparable injection moulding, blow moulding and vacuum forming.

Dex deliveryOur Dex Polycon® range spans a wide variety of models suiting many businesses and services. Producing arguably the biggest range of small and medium sized drums and tanks, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), hopper based IBCs, litter bins, road furniture such as bollards, safety products, laundry products, pallet bins, rectangular trucks and trolleys, marina floats, etc. in Australia.

We supply all tiers of government and have a number of government supply contracts including Defence, in addition to the supply of commercial and industrial companies, featuring small, medium and multi-national concerns.

We are always open to working with people who are looking for a solution to their materials handling problems especially due to our long-term experience which we can draw on.

Over the last fifty years of operation, we have certainly kept up-to-date with new developments and have even developed some different processes to solve particular problems inhouse. We are a founding member of ARMA and have been a long term member of ARM International.

We have a large state-of-the-art oven and also some rock-and-roll equipment especially suitable for small run work. Using our in house developed QA system to keep track of material, inserts and final mouldings ensuring that it meets our high standard expected of Dex Polycon® products.

Let us simplify your plastic product requirements. Let us assist you, as we have successfully done for many others over the last fifty years.

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